How To Apply Online RTI For Gram Panchayat

how to apply online rti for gram panchayat

File the requisite Application as determinate underneath the RTI an Act addressed to the District Public Information Officer and Submit it in the considered necessary office of the Deputy Commissioner/ District Magistrate of your area. In that description the detailed statistics that you Seek and from which gram panchayat. You might wonder how to write RTI for Panchayat. Here are the steps you can follow to file RTI for Panchayat

File RTI Against Gram Panchayat | Apply Online RTIHow to file online RTI | File RTI online

Major Issues to file online RTI in Gram Panchayat.

  1. Due to Poor Hospitality facilities in villages.
  2. Poor Transport facility.
  3. Due to enquire about the usage of the funds.
  4. Enquire about the development of the village.
  5. Enquirer about money has been Spend for work.
  6. Enquirer about people are educated or Not.

How we can file Online RTI to Gram Panchayat?

Presently,  You can use our website RTI guru to report your requests for Gram Panchayat RTI online. We deal with the rest of the guidelines and regulations. We will arrange a callback and understand your doubts. We will then take the action and do the requisite to your behalf to ensure your RTI request arrives at the proper authority.

How to write RTI for Panchayat

IF you want to file RTI as regards your gram panchayat and want to know who is the first information officer.

We ‘ll let you know a simple way.

File the requisite application as prescribed under the RTI Act addressed to the District Public Information Officer and Sunit it in the requisite office of the Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate of your area. In that mention the detailed information that you require and from which gram panchayat.

As a District Public Information Officer, he has to collect the requisite information and supply the same to you. Attach a Postal order of the value of Rs.10 and with the application.

The concerned office will issue a receipt and give you the date on which you can collect the information.

Send the application through registered AD post in case the said office tries to evade you. Above is a bit of advice with the sole motive of guiding you to solve the issue in gram Panchayat.

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What is the procedure for obtaining information from Gram panchayat under RTI?

( December 24, 2022 )

According to Section 2 (h) of the RTI Act, you can file a RTI application directly to the concerned Panchayat Secretary of the Gram Panchayat. A Gram Panchayat Office is established under the authority of the concerned Panchayati Raj Department. To The District Collector or District Magistrate Office will be able to inform you about various Centrally-Sponsored, State-funded, and Externally-Aided Schemes implemented in a particular Gram Panchayat by filing RTI Applications as required. State Panchayati Raj Departments and Central Departments distribute funds for such schemes through DC Offices. District Collector Offices and Panchayati Raj Departments fall within the ambit of the RTI Act under Section 2(h).

( January 02, 2023 )

Ishita Kamboj

How can I get Gram panchayat bank statements for last 5 years

( January 01, 1970 )

rajat verma

If you want a copy of bank account statements for all Gram Panchayat accounts for the last five or ten years, you can file an RTI. The RTI Act defines Gram Panchayats as "Public Authorities" under Section 2 (h). In According to the Central Information Commission, under the RTI Act, Gram Panchayat funds and schemes need to be disclosed to the public. Visit our website,, for assistance in filing an RTI application with any PIO

( January 05, 2023 )

Bharat Raj Meena

Jhalawar Rajasthan ke khanpur block me kheda panchayat me Badankhedi gaw abi tak 30 years se es panchayat me hai fir bi aaj nhi panchayat se Rood Juda hai or nhi kis tarp se Rood se Juda hai

( December 31, 2022 )

Ajeet yadav

Gram panchayat rampur wasit Ali thana lalganj Mirzapur ke gram panchayat me Kitna fund released hua hai aur kis kaam ke liye Aur sath me Kitna kaam karaya gya hai gram pardhan ke dwara

( December 18, 2022 )


Gram panchayat firozpur tilhar shahjahanpur me pradhaan aur lekhpal gareebo ki jameen par kabza kar raha hai koi karbhai karne ki krapa kare

( December 14, 2022 )

Rahul Singh

Jan suchna adhikar adhiniyam 2005 ke antargat gram panchayt bargadwa black gaur ke kuch vindu ki suchna

( September 17, 2022 )