RTI For Area Development

rti for area development

5 Ways You Can Use Rti To Develop Your Area

In India, a republican country where the government is of the people, by the people, it is the right of the common people to know about the significant decisions taken, appraisal and result of such decisions. Information is essential for every individual and Information is the Equipment with which the people can properly exercise their social, economic political rights.

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RTI Act in India authorizes the people to have a safe and sound neighboring environment.

The local as well as central and state government is responsible for the security of the natural environment in your neighborhood, thus one can file online RTI application form to check the irregularities in the conservancy of the natural environment. and the second thing is the government school and colleges, many programs are managed by the government for the superior future of the students, the RTI application form can be used to check the disbursement of the funds and other related information. and the third thing is a regular supply of Electricity is the requirement of all areas. The Electricity board managed by the government comes under it and in India, RTI application can be filed opposite the electricity board to inquire about the bill generation, electricity providers, etc. Gram Panchayat, Municipal Corporation and other local bodies responsible for the public problems fall under the observation of the RTI act in India. and the fifth thing is the RTI application can be filed to check the status and implementation of the varied programs. The water supply, sanitation facility is the responsibility of local bodies. The government authorities liable for the same can be questioned under the RTI act in India.

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