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When you plan to purchase a Property Like flat / bungalow in a housing scheme/project under construction, requried a demand copy of Commencement Certificate to ensure that proper approvals for the project, Commence Certificate & Completion Certificate is obtained from Municipal / Development authority.

Another Concern like when Any one plan to purchase flat / bungalow Property in a housing scheme constructed and ready for occupation, requried a copy of Commencement Certificate ,Occupation Certificate and Completion Certificate to ensure that all approvals/sanctions from Municipal or Development authority are obtained and available with the Builder.

In case the Builder / Developer is not able to produce these documents, you can file RTI Application to the concerned PIO of Municipal Corporation or Development Authority and seek certified copies of all documents.

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Fill Details for RTI

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We Do The RTI Paperwork

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We Send RTI Request

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Sit Back And Relax

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