Muhammad Moin
  • Experience : 3 Year
  • Contact :********
  • Enrollment No : 848/2021
  • Fee : 1000

LOCATION: BTM layout Bangalore, Bengaluru urban,Karnataka

ABOUT: Exceptionally Sensitive And Dedicated Advocacy Worker With A Strong Commitment To Customers Rights And General Community Service. Able To Handle Tense And Difficult Interpersonal Situations With Full Empathy And Professionalism. Adept At Explaining Complex Legal Advocacy Matters To Crime, Adolescents, And Family Members In A Clear And Understandable Manner.


PRACTICE AREAS : Civil, Criminal, Due Diligence And Complaiance, Soliciting Etc

PRACTICE COURT :High Court,Consumer Court,Tribunal

SPECIALIZATION: Animal Protection Laws,Divorce,Civil,Cheque Bounce,Cyber Laws,Contracts,Tribunals,Insurance,Arbitration,Alimony,Muslim Law,Wills And Trusts,Child Custody,Motor Accident,Right To Information,Medical Negligence,Writs,Sexual Harassment,Criminal Law,Consumer Protection,Property Laws,Domestic Violence,Revenue,Debt Recovery Tribunal,Family Matters,Bail & Bonds,Compliances,Defamation,Trespassing,Juvenile Justice,Workers Compensations,Wrongful Termination,Torts,Anti-Corruption,Human Rights,Appeals

COURTS: All Courts, Tribunals Including Appellate Jurisdictional Courts.