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how to file rti for rajasthan?

How To File RTI For Rajasthan?

Here are five easy steps to assist you in the file you're RTI Application in Rajasthan in Hindi, English, or Rajasthani.

  1. Identify the department to which your RTI Rajasthan query should be sent 
    For example, all public issues like garbage, water problem, street lights, building authorization in cities are under individual corporation Jaipur: (Jaipur Nagar Nigam), Jodhpur: (Jodhpur Nagar Nigam). Locate the correct address of the government section where you desire to send the RTI.
  2. Write your questions in the Application
    You can apply through this RTI Application form in Rajasthani, Hindi or English. It is arranged by the Rajasthan Government, not compulsory, to fill the form. You can also only write your application on a simple paper relating the RTI information in English, Hindi, or even Rajasthani. Make sure that all RTI questions point to some proceedings of information.

Replies from the government can also be either in English, Hindi or Rajasthani.

  1. Ensure the Questions have clarity
    Make certain that the queries relay to only one subject issue otherwise it may get discarded according to the RTI Act. For example, if it is regarding the status of FIR, but questions that are simply interrelated to FIR.
  2. Pay the fees for your RTI Rajasthan Application
    Add the amount as valid for filing your RTI Rajasthan. The method of payment is Demand Draft, Indian Postal Order, or Cash.
  3. Submit the application
    Send it through speed post or registered post.

How to file RTI Online in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan Government started to accept online RTI requests for Jan 2016.

Here are a simple 3 steps to obtain your application processed for any question involving RTI Online Rajasthan:
1. Enter your appeal in plain English.
2. We do all that is essential to make sure a good reply to your RTI. We have a group of RTI specialists and attorneys, who assist in drafting the RTI applications they call you back or email you if desirable; they locate the exact address of the government department answerable to respond to your RTI.
3. We pay attention to attaching the suitable fees to the RTI application and post it to the concerned section.

File RTI Online Rajasthan,Online RTI Rajasthan

Departments under Rajasthan Government

  • Department of climate change
  • Department of women and child
  • Department of higher education
  • Infrastructure and Investment Department
  • Department of Backward Classes and welfare 
  • Industry and Commerce Department
  • Department Of culture
  • Hospitality
  • Department of Electronics and communication
  • Forest and ecology, Environment Department
  • Social welfare Department & protocol Department
  • Department of food civil supplies
  • Rural Development Department 
  • Health and Medical Department
  • Labour and Employment Department
  • Transport Department
  • Tourism Department
  • Election Department
  • Department of roads and building
  • Agriculture Department
  • Finance Department
  • Animal husbandry Department

Every Rajasthan State Government sections and local governing organizations in Rajasthan like Nagar Nigams, Municipal Corporations, town councils, and Gram Panchayats come under the domain of the RTI Rajasthan Act.

Who should the RTI Rajasthan be addressed to?
Under the Right to Information Act 2005, every department ought to sign up for a Public Information Officer who is responsible to receive and reply to RTI applications filed to that department. Therefore, all the RTI applications should be addressed to the civic Information Officer of that section.

When will the response be provided to your RTI Rajasthan Application?
According to the Right to Information Act, the reply to the RTI application in Rajasthan, or any other state must be given by the PIO surrounded by 30 days from the receipt of the similar. This comprises applications made online or offline. If the information requested in the RTI relates to another section, then the PIO is permission to relocate the same in 5 days from the receipt of the RTI to that section that has the detail.

Mode of payment of RTI fee for apply RTI online rajasthan

Payment can be made through money against legitimate receipt, demand draft, banker's cheque, IPO (or court fee stamp) payable to the PIO, Or to the capable authority as assigned by the state government.

RTI Fee for rajasthan

Government Fee : Rs. 10 /- only

RTI Fee for rajasthan

RTI Fee Payable to: The public information officer

First Appeal Payable to : The first appellate authority

Second Appeal fee payable to : The secretary state information commission

Some Other RTI Issues In rajasthan

RTI for Industrial development issues: Industry Development Council answerable under the RTI Act.

RTI for Passport verification issues: File an RTI application for passport verification

RTI to know the Cost of projects undertaken by the MLA and MP: Get information on allocation of funds used by MLA/MP of rajasthan

RTI for MNREGA works details: File an RTI application for MNREGA Scam in rajasthan .

RTI against Pradhan / Mukhiya / local representatives: File RTI to know the Cost of projects undertaken by the Pradhan/Mukhiya/local representatives.

RTI in Municipal Corporation: RTI for Water problems shortage and sewer problems.

RTI for MDM issues: File RTI Online for corruption in Mid Day Meal.

RTI against MLA and MP: File RTI to know the Cost of projects undertaken by the MLA and MP of rajasthan.

RTI in Government Hospital: File RTI for Health and sanitation in rajasthan.

RTI for Birth and death certificate: File RTI for Birth and death certificate issues in Municipal Corporation rajasthan.

RTI for Education: RTI for Education, at primary middle and secondary levels of school.

RTI for Housing development issues: File RTI for Housing development issues in rajasthan.

RTI for PF return : File an RTI Online to Get The Status of Your EPF Withdrawal or EPF Transfer Request in rajasthan.

RTI for Police complaint: File RTI for Police complaint made but not getting any reply form them for long time in rajasthan.

RTI for Rural and panchayatiraj work : File RTI for Rural and panchayatiraj and rural development works in rajasthan.

RTI File University / college In rajasthan

Jagadguru Ramanadacharya Rajas (1998 ) Jaipur , rajasthan (Sanskrit ) Apply Now
Jai Narain Vyas University (1962 ) Jodhpur , rajasthan (General ) Apply Now
Maharaja Ganga Singh Universit (2003 ) Bikaner , rajasthan (General ) Apply Now
Maharana Pratap University of (2000 ) Udaipur , rajasthan (Agriculture ) Apply Now
Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Un (1987 ) Ajmer , rajasthan (General ) Apply Now
Mohanlal Sukhadia University (1962 ) Udaipur , rajasthan (General ) Apply Now
National Law University, Jodhp (2004 ) Jodhpur , rajasthan (Legal ) Apply Now
Rajasthan Agricultural Univers (1987 ) Bikaner , rajasthan (Agriculture ) Apply Now
Rajasthan Ayurved University (2004 ) Jaipur , rajasthan (Ayurveda ) Apply Now
Rajasthan Technical University (2006 ) Kota , rajasthan (Technology ) Apply Now
Rajasthan University of Health (2005 ) Jaipur , rajasthan (Healthcare ) Apply Now
University of Kota (2003 ) Kota , rajasthan (General ) Apply Now
University of Rajasthan (1947 ) Jaipur , rajasthan (General ) Apply Now
Vardhaman Mahaveer Open Univer (1987 ) Kota , rajasthan (Distance education ) Apply Now

RTI Application Format For rajasthan

RTI Act, 2005 doesn't give a particular Format to RTI Application. You can write an RTI Application in any Format. In any case, if you don't have a clue how to write an RTI Application simply click on Apply Now and Fill the RTI Application format. We will file your RTI for rajasthan.

For your benefit, we are giving a basic example RTI Application Format. Simply draft your application according to design and append IPO or DD according to requirement and send it to the concerned PIO. If still you face trouble in drafting RTI application, at that point take our help in filing RTI online. Simply click on the "Apply Now" and Fill the RTI Application Form. We will file your RTI for rajasthan.



The Public Information Officer

(Name of the Public Authority)

(Address of the Public Authority)

Sub: Request for Information under the Right to Information Act, 2005

Kindly, provide me the following information:………….
(Mention the information you want clearly specify everything)

The details of fees paid by me are as follows (Specify)….…..

I belong to the 'Below Poverty Line Category'
[if applicable, attach a photocopy of the proof] and I am not required to pay any fees.


(Applicant's signature/Thumb Impression)

Applicant's Name:

Applicant's Address:







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