How To File Online RTI Andhra Pradesh?

How to file online RTI for Andhra Pradesh?

Want to File Online RTI for Andhra Pradesh? Here are some points to keep while filing RTI for Andra Pradesh.

Recognize the department to which send your RTI application.
For example, any information required about the police should be filed to the own police station and if it is regarding transport service in the city it has to go to State Transport Department (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation RTI). It is very important to classify and send the Andhra Pradesh RTI Application to the exact department. Failure to do so results in refusal or delay in getting a response as the application would have to be transferred to the suitable authority.

Write your RTI application on a plain paper.
The RTI Act is very resident welcoming and there is no unique necessity as to how the application should be on paper. An application written on a plain paper comprises a lawful RTI Application and the Public establishments have to identify that and are necessary to give a response based on the questions declared in the application.

Questions can be in Telugu or English.
Response from administration can also be either in Telugu or English. The Government of Andhra Pradesh supports RTI Application in Telugu, the local language. This makes sure that a citizen can convey his query apparently in the language he is relaxed with. You can read and use the RTI layout in English to file online RTI in English. Make sure that the query narrates to only one subject material otherwise it might get discarded, according to the RTI Act.

How to file RTI APP online?
Presently the Andhra Pradesh Government does not have the ability for filing online RTI. You can use our website RTI guru to file your Andhra Pradesh RTI application, online. In case of any acceleration, you can file complaints to the AP Information Commission. This government body was created to make sure that the RTI Act is being executed proficiently. We pay attention to the rest of the formalities.

Departments under Andhra Pradesh Government
All Andhra Pradesh State Government Departments and local governing bodies in Andhra Pradesh such as Town Councils, Municipal Corporations, and Gram Panchayats come under the domain of Andhra Pradesh RTI Act.

The list of Andhra Pradesh State Government Departments:

  • Consumer Affairs, Food Civil Supplies
  • Backward Classes Welfare
  • Department for Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens
  • Agriculture and Co-operation
  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Environment, Forests, Science and Technology
  • School Education, etc General Administration
  • Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
  • Industries and Commerce
  • Law
  • Information Technology, Electronics, and Communications
  • Transports, Roads, and Buildings
  • Health, Medical & Family Welfare
  • Revenue
  • Higher Education
  • Planning

Who should the RTI Andhra Pradesh be addressed to?
Under the RTI Act 2005, every department ought to sign up for a Public Information Officer who is answerable to get and respond to RTI applications filed with that department. Therefore, all the RTI AP applications should be tackled to the Public Information Officer of that Department. The list is provided by the AP Information Commission on its administrator website. The PIO has to make sure that requests from persons looking for information are dealt with quickly and in cases where the request cannot be made in the script, the officer is also responsible for giving help to the person to change their problems to a lawful written form.

When will the response be offered to your RTI Andhra Pradesh Application?
According to the RTI Act, the reply to the RTI online application in Andhra Pradesh or any other state must be given by the PIO in under 30 days from the receipt of the identical. This contains applications through online or offline. If the information appealed in the RTI relates to another section, then the PIO is ordered to transfer the same within 5 days from the acceptance of the RTI to that department who has the information. AP Information Commission sorts out Second appeals and Complaints from the applications. A second appeal can be filed when there is no reply or unacceptable response is obtained from the First Appeal.

Mode of payment of RTI fee for apply RTI online andhra pradesh

Your RTI Application has to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees for Andhra pradesh. The application fee is Rs.10/- to be paid by Bank's Demand Draft or Pay Order [Banker's Cheque] or Indian Postal Order or in Cash against receipt. Applicants holding BPL(Below Poverty Line) certificate do not have to pay any application fee.

Other charges:

Information in A-3 or A-4 size paper - Rs.2 per page,
Large size: actual cost,
Publications: actual cost.
CD: Rs.50/- per CD.
Inspection: Rs.10/- for first hour and Rs.5/- for every 15 minutes or part thereof thereafter.
In the case of maps and plans etc. the fee shall be fixed by the concerned PIO in each case depending upon the cost of labour and material required to be employed.
The amount of fee shall be deposited in the following head of account: "Receipts under Right to Information Act, 2005."

Some Other RTI Issues

  • File RTI andhra pradesh for Industrial development issues: Industry Development Council answerable under the RTI Act.
  • Passport verification issues: File an RTI application for passport verification
  • the Cost of projects undertaken by the MLA and MP: Get information on allocation of funds used by MLA/MP of andhra pradesh
  • MNREGA works details: File an RTI application for MNREGA Scam in andhra pradesh .
  • against Pradhan / Mukhiya / local representatives: File RTI to know the Cost of projects undertaken by the Pradhan/Mukhiya/local representatives.
  • andhra pradesh in Municipal Corporation: RTI for Water problems shortage and sewer problems.
  • MDM issues: File RTI Online for corruption in Mid Day Meal.
  • against MLA and MP: File RTI andhra pradesh to know the Cost of projects undertaken by the MLA and MP.
  • Government Hospital: File RTI andhra pradesh for Health and sanitation
  • Birth / death certificate: File RTI for Birth and death certificate issues in Municipal Corporation andhra pradesh.
  • Education: RTI for Education, at primary middle and secondary levels of school.
  • Housing development issues: File RTI for Housing development issues in andhra pradesh.
  • PF return : File an RTI Online to Get The Status of Your EPF Withdrawal or EPF Transfer Request in andhra pradesh.
  • Police complaint: Filed RTI for police complaint, but did not get any response for a long time.
  • Gram Panchayat Rural and Panchayati Raj : Right to Information andhra pradesh for Gram Panchayat Rural and Panchayati Raj and Rural Development work.
  • For gov location collector office :File RTI land records or property details with pin code in andhra pradesh.

Format For andhra pradesh

RTI Act, 2005 doesn't give a particular Format. You can write Application in any Format.For your benefit, we are giving a basic example of Application Format. Simply draft your application according to design and append IPO or DD according to requirement and send it to the concerned PIO.

Sample Format for Normal Application Sample Format- First Appeal Sample Format- Second Appeal

If still you face trouble in drafting RTI application, at that point take our help in filing RTI online. Simply click on the Apply Now and Fill the RTI Application Form. We will file your RTI for Andhra pradesh.

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