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Online Jamabandhi Petitions could be entered from 29-06-2020 to 31-07-2020 only.

Jamabandi is a term used to refer to land records in northern states of India. It is a document used for Jamabandi land records/revenue records. It is also known by different names such as Fard, Perch, or many other names. Land records (ROR) of the rights of any village can be viewed from Jamabandi. The Jamabandi register contains the name of the owners, the area of ??the land, the shares of the owners, other rights, cultivation, rent and revenue, and other taxes payable on the land. Basically it contains the information of :

1. Name of the owner of the land
2. Name of the present cultivator/crop cultivator/tenant on the land
3. Account number of the land
4. Which measles does the landfall into
5. Type of land (fertile / fertile / irrigated land / non-irrigated land)
6. What kind of crop is a cultivated caste
7. Any loan / loan / restriction / lawsuit / outstanding tax / fee etc. on the land
8. The land has been given or taken on lease or not, etc

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