File an RTI application for EPFO?

file an rti application for epfo?

The right of each person to get significant information from any government office is known as the Right to Information or RTI. In only 30 days, you will get a reply from the legislature about your question. The Right to Information likewise has the information an individual may require from the EPFO too, making it obligatory for even the EPFO to reply to the RTI application, and give the individual the information they require. To file an RTI application an individual should follow the below steps:

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How to file an RTI application for EPFO


Fill out an RTI application and mention your issue. The application must be in the below format:

  1. The subject must be clearly defined.
  2. The application must be addressed to the CPIO (Central Public Information Officer), EPFO, and also must have the complete PF office address mentioned on RTI Application.
  3. You should also include all your details like;

    a. Your Full Name

    b. Your Complete Address

    c. Phone Number

    d. Email Address

    e. EPF Account Number

  4. Now, you can ask the questions related to your EPF withdrawal and transfer.
  5. Make Clear Declaration in this format: “I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India. All the information provided above is correct according to my knowledge. I request you to ensure that the requested information is provided before 30 day period after you have received the application”
  6. After declaration, make a payment of the RTI application by DD/IPO/MO and so on. Attach this with RTI Application
  7. Sign your RTI Application and must clearly mention your Name, Place where you residing and Date.
  8. Send the RTI Application to EPFO Department

Can this process be done online?

Yes, if you would like to avoid this hassle then you can file EPFO RTI online through RTI Guru. RTI Guru will help you throughout the process of filing EPFO RTI Online.

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