File online RTI Against Indian Railway - Step by Step

file online rti against indian railway - step by step

In Railways, the employees are very well trained on how to File RTI Online against Indian Railway. The employees who were employed in the Railway Rail Management Division of the Ministry of Finance are given the maximum expertise in RTI by the organization itself. RTI is a kind of right to information that makes a person have the opportunity to know the functioning of his government.

While filing RTI in Railway Board, there are many questions that you need to know how to answer. These questions may be about any issue regarding the functioning of the Railways. It can also be about any financial matter or security related to the Railway. Here, you need to make sure that you file RTI against the Railway to get the right information.

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To get the right information in RTI against Railway, you will need to make a Right to Information Application or RTI Application Form. This means that you need to make a request to the Railway Board for all the information that you want to know.

Easy Steps To File online RTI Against Indian Railway 

Before making an RTI against Railway, you need to know how to write an RTI Application or Right to Information Application. The following are some of the easy steps that you need to follow in order to file RTI against the Indian Railway.

- First of all, you need to send an email to the office of the Manager of RTI at the Railways. This is a short email that explains what is required for the RTI request. The longer and more detailed the email is, the more time the Railway Manager will take for answering your request.

- After receiving the mail that was sent to you by the Railway Office, you will have to go through it carefully and decide what information you require from the Railway Office for your RTI against Railway. You should make sure that the details that you have asked for are correct.

- Once you have decided on the details that you have wanted from the Railway Office, you can move forward with the RTI application. Once you send your request, the Request to the Board will be considered by the Railways.

- When the request is approved, you will get the RTI Answer from the Railways. You can then read through the reply that the Railway Office has given you for your RTI case.

- In case you have found some information that the Railway Office had not responded to you with, you need to then write back and ask for it. If the reply does not provide the information that you want, you can file a request for another reply.

- Once you have done the whole process, you can now sit and wait for the replies to come from the Railway Office. Do not expect the replies to come immediately, as the Railway Boards take time to make their replies.

- Once the replies from the Railway Board to come, you will need to put the replies in a document and file it with the Railway Board. This document is known as the RTI request.

- If you feel that you have not got all the information that you wanted from the Railway Office, you can still file an RTI against the Railway for further clarification. You should file the RTI request before you withdraw the original request.

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How do I file an RTI in ministry of railways?

( January 01, 1970 )

rajat verma

You can visit our website and raise your request. Steps to follow: Step 2: Click on Apply Now Step 3: Choose the Type of RTI (Other RTI) Step 4: Fill in the details and proceed with the payment Step 5: Check your RTI Application Status So these are simple steps to file RTI Online against railways

( January 05, 2023 )


How do I file an RTI against IRCTC?

( December 30, 2022 )

Badre Alam alam

The Application will be filed in the same way as the other applications. We can visit the Website of IRCTC and then we can find the name of concerned CPIO, and file the application. ONLINE RTI APPLICATION FILING:- This is the easiest and quickest way. You need a computer connected with Internet. The Applicant can visit which is available 24 X 7 for use, and file the RTI Application Online. Step 1:- Firstly, you need to visit the website. Step 2:- You need to fill the form which states your details Step 3:- Click “Next” at the below. Step 4:- Now you have to fill the details regarding your query at the description box Step 5:- Below that if you want you can fill the “Where to File” (optional). Step 6:-Once done, click Next and Submit your Form.

( January 05, 2023 )

navratan khankheria

Total form fill up pwbd candidate in group d

( January 04, 2023 )

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Mera December 2020 ka T.A. nhi lga

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