RTI Against Private Hospital

rti against private hospital

Every individual has the right to get information from the government. A normal citizen can keep an eye on public authorities’ activities to fight against corruption. If you also want to get some information don’t hesitate you can file RTI online. RTI Against Private Hospital - As per Section 6(1) of the RTI Act “An individual, who wants to obtain any information under this Act, shall submit an RTI Application in writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi in the official language of the area, with fees as prescribed by the state or central government”.

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To file RTI against any Private Hospital you need to write an RTI Application in Hindi, English, or any official language of the area with all the details and send it to the concerned authority.

There Are Two Ways That You Can Follow To File RTI Against Private Hospital:

1. Apply for Online RTI

To file an online RTI against private hospital you need to follow these easy and simple steps:

Step 1: Click on Apply Now and choose the type of RTI (Other RTI)

Step 2: Fill in the details and proceed with the payment

Step 3: Check your RTI Application Status

So these are simple steps to file RTI Online against private hospital.

2. apply for Offline RTI

There is a step-by-step guide to writing RTI Applications against any private hospital in India. So let's start the steps:

Step 1: Write an RTI Application in Hindi, English, or any official language of that particular area.

Step 2: Mention the complete address and name of the to PIO/APIO(Public Information Officer/Assistant Public Information Officer).

For example

Public Information Officer,
Name of the Private Hospital
Complete Address of the Private Hospital

Step 3: Write the type of information you are seeking details against private hospital.

Step 4: Attach the RTI Fees with your RTI Application in favor of the PIO/APIO of the private hospital in the form of IPO/DD/Banker's cheque/Cash against receipt, MO, etc.

Step 5: Write your name, email, phone no. and address, and sign your RTI Application.

Step 6: Make a declaration that you are an Indian citizen at the end of the application.

Step 7: Send your RTI Application through registered post along with all supporting documents.

Step 8: Take out the print of the RTI Application and other documents for future reference.

When To File RTI Against a Private Hospital?

You can file RTI against private hospital in the following circumstances:

  1. When you want to get a copy of your medical report.
  2. To know the diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions of those doctors in treatment.
  3. When you want to get other information related to the Hospital.

Under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, a decision by the Central Information Commission (CIC) makes it mandatory for all private hospitals to maintain daily reports of medical records of patients and provide them with the information..If you want to seek information under the Right To Information Act, 2005 from any private hospital then you can apply for RTI online. Click here to apply for RTI online.

Latest Comments


How can we get information from private hospitals under RTI?

( January 04, 2023 )

rajat verma

An application seeking information under the Right to Information Act can only be filed before a public authority. Private hospitals are not public authorities and hence they are not legally bound to respond to RTI. However, if you require any treatment record of your own treatment or relative, then the hospital is required to provide such treatment record (sometimes on payment of certain fees)

( January 04, 2023 )


Does private hospitals are covered under RTI act?

( January 04, 2023 )

parul bansal

The right to information does not apply to private hospitals and clinics directly, however, they have to provide all the patient's health records to him or her or to his or her relatives upon request according to a Supreme Court ruling. You can, however, file an application with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of India if they refuse to provide the information you need, such as whether the hospital meets certain standards set by the ministry.

( January 04, 2023 )


Can I apply RTI for a copy of my medical report from a private hospital?

( January 04, 2023 )

parul bansal

If you want a copy of your medical report, you can file an RTI against a private hospital. Prabhat Kumar vs Directorate of Health Services GNCTD, Delhi, a case decided by the Central Information Commission. Under the RTI Act, both private and government hospitals have to provide medical records of a patient to the patient and/or their family members under CIC/SA/A/2014/000004. As well, violating Article 14 of the Constitution of India entails the levying of a penalty on a private hospital that fails to provide medical records. Under the RTI Act, a patient's medical records must be provided whether they are treated in a private or government hospital, according to the CIC order. Therefore, we may file an RTI with the private hospital to request a copy of your medical records.

( January 04, 2023 )

Rest Pest

Are hospitals covered under RTI? Can I recover any information from a hospital under RTI Act?

( December 29, 2022 )

rajat verma

Under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, a decision of the Central Information Commission (CIC) makes it mandatory for all private hospitals to maintain daily reports of medical records of patients and provide information to them. Since the CIC order states that the patient's medical records for both private and government hospitals are to be provided under the RTI Act. So, we can file RTI in a private hospital for a copy of your medical report.

( January 04, 2023 )

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