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Rescue of Income Tax refund

Rescue of Income Tax refund

How to file RTI application for income tax refund?
We have seen numerous ways to recognize your income tax refund status within short periods. But if you feel that just verdict out online status is not assisting you and you want to now obtain clarification regarding your tax refund status, the next step is to file an RTI application alongside the income tax department. We have seen how EPF matters which were waiting for years, obtain solved within weeks and months of filing an RTI application against EPFO. The similar can also occur in the case of income tax refund but you ought to wait for at least a year previous to you file for RTI against the income tax section.
What Procedure use of Filing RTI Application?

  1. The RTI claim has to be addressed to the CPIO, who is the same as your assessing office of your ward or circle where you organized your IT return, in which you claimed repayment.
  2. File detaches RTI applications for dissimilar year’s single application for every year.
  3. As said by the “people contract” of the IT section, they usually take 9 months to the procedure and give repayments, as counted from the end of the month in which you submitted your go back. There is no point in filing an RTI Application previous to nine months is above.
  4. The first name and Address of the CPIO (assessing officer) can be gained from Income Tax India
  5. The IPO for Rs. 10.00 can be acquired from the adjoining Post Office.
  6. For supervision on how to tender your RTI Application
  7.  The PIO has 30 days from the date he obtains your RTI Application, to provide you the information. Put in another 5 or 10 days for postal delays.
  8. If you do not obtain a reply from the PIO within 40 to 45 days from sending the RTI Application, it can be securely unspoken that the PIO is not going to respond and give you the details you required.
  9. Details of the First Appellate Authority can be obtained from the same website, from which you obtained the details of the CPIO.
  10. The First Appeal has to be filed within 60 days of the date of your RTI Application.


What ought to you inquire while filing RTI?

  1. You must ask for name and description of the officer who is imaginary to method your income tax refund claim.
  2. As well ask for the officer bureaucrat address and his contact number
  3. Also, ask for how long the repayment is pending with the officer and the cause for the hindrance.
  4. Ask if some senior authority has instructed for the delay and the certified copies if any require.
  5. Also ask for the name, telephone number, and address of the higher officer with whom you can file the first request.

If you have been to come for your tax repayment for years, it’s time to file an RTI claim for it and locate out why your income tax repayment has been late for so long.

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