The New Way of Justice

the new way of justice

RTI – Right to Information Act 2005, passed on 15 June 2005 provides rights to all citizens of India to access and demand any type of required information to any government body. The application of requests by the public has to be processed and reverted by the authorities with required adequate information within a time of thirty days.

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The Act covers the whole of India except the Jammu and Kashmir. The objective of the Right to Information Act is to empower the citizens, ensure accountability, and promote transparency among the public regarding the working of the Government. The Act is a big step to keep the public informed and give then vigil instruments to keep track of Governmental work.

The first RTI Online application after the commencement of Act was submitted by Shahid Raza Burney to a police station in Pune - Dated 12 October 2005, since that day RTI is used and it serves as a great advantage to the public. RTI has a lot of uses and benefits, one such benefit of RTI is for students.

All over India students require help, need information related to various things such as Marks providing criteria, verification of answer sheets, teacher-student ratio, and much more. The biggest issue that is a concern of students is Marks providing criteria and answer sheet verification. 


Students from even before the commencement of RTI used to stay in a dilemma concerning the marks they have obtained. No matter the examination, the marks obtained are and have always been under discussion. There are various cases available of Bright students obtaining fewer marks and students failing in examination without any specific reasons. In all such cases, RTI can help you find the truth.

RTI for Mark sheets & Competitive Exams: 

There are many students, who get dissatisfied whenever the examination results are out. The same happens when results of any competitive examinations get announced this may be because of scoring fewer marks or failing due to no reason. In such cases, students can use RTI to cross-check their answer sheets and OMR sheets that are used in Competitive examinations. If discrepancies are found in answer sheets RTI can be used to take proper action. You can easily file Online RTI through the RTIGuru.

As per The Supreme Court of India ruling - Students who require inspecting their answer sheet are allowed to do so under the “RTI Act 2005” and any by-laws or rules of Education Board/Examination Board can’t prevent them. 

Description: RTI the new vigil instrument helps students in obtaining answer sheets of any examination any board to cross-check and verify their performance.