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Passport Delays

A passport is a travel document that is issued by the countries Government. The document is used for International travel and usually used to verify an individual’s identity, nationality, name, and sometimes biometrics. Every country has its unique way of issuing the document to the public.

In India, the passport is issued either online or offline and as per the current system “Tatkal” passport arrives in 7 to 14 days and normal passports arrive in 30 to 45 days. Due to varied or unknown reasons the passports can get delayed and in search of appropriate reasons for delay applicants had to run from post to pole but this was before the commencement of RTI Act 2005.

Certain issues in Passport Delay

There are certain issues in Passport Delay. The passport delay issue comes below the zone of RTI as it's far facilitated through a public authority. And as most of you would know, it's miles pretty commonplace problem with many candidates and you in no way get a clean answer for such a delay. It can cross on for a long duration of time with none movement taken to speed up the procedure.

The delay could be caused because of a large range of reasons, you may have applied, but have no longer acquired any answer, your police verification is probably pending, or the report might not have reached the RPO and lots of more. The pleasant approach to speed up the system and get a powerful answer would be filing an RTI application.

Still, ready to receive your deal with proof on your passport utility to be processed? City police have a motive for the lack of manpower. The police receive about 19,000 verification requests every month.

In police verification with evidence submitted by passport candidates, Put is often convicted through the Regional Passport Office for postponing the document to a problem.

RTI you could get the details about the purpose why the passport is not on time, and you could inquire your query through filing an RTI to the External Affairs and Government of India. And as in keeping with RBI norms, the branch is bound to give the reply within 30 days

Easy to File Online  RTI For Passport Delay

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