Online RTI for State Government India

online rti for state government india

Any Indian citizen can file an RTI and ask for information from Government Officials. The citizen can inspect the work of the government and also exercise their right to information. If you are an Indian citizen who is seeking certain information or wants to inspect government records, then you can file an RTI Online.

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The citizens of India can exercise their rights to government information by filing an RTI application with a Central or State Public Information Officer. There are different regulatory levels of the administration, similar to the Panchayat, the Municipal Corporations, the law courts, the Parliament, and so on., each with a unique PIO, who will have the option to give the necessary information relying upon the application or a question documented under the RTI Act.

How to file RTI Online for state government?

  1. Your RTI application for state government can even be written on simple plain paper. But make sure that your contact details like name and address are clearly mentioned.

  2. Specify the information that you need. Then decide the questions you want to ask. The questions must be clear, specific, and understood easily.

  3. Identify the public authority that has the required information as closely as you can. The government department, public sector enterprise, NGO, etc. can be the concerned authority that has the information that you want.

  4. Find the concerned SPIO (State Public Information Officer) for state government departments.

  5. There is no particular format required to file RTI for state government unless mentioned by that particular state government or its department. 

  6. Submit your RTI Application form with the paid receipt of your fees, as required by the state. All the states have their own rules and fees to file RTI for state government but those who fall in BPL Category are exempt from paying any fee according to the law.

  7. You can submit the RTI Application Personally, by hand, or through Registered or speed post.

  8. The preferred modes of payment vary depending on the state government. It could be an IPO(Indian Postal Order)/DD(Demand Draft)/ Cheque/ Court fee stamp.

Easily File Online RTI for State Government in India

We simplify the RTI Procedure for you. Now you can file RTI Online for State Government by sitting at home. You can follow the simple online RTI process to file online RTI for state government:

Step1: Click on Apply Now and Choose the Category

Step2: Fill the RTI Application Form

Step3: Submit the RTI Application and Proceed with the RTI Fees

Step4: Now sit back relax our expert will draft your application and send it to you for final approval before sending it to the concerned authority.

You can track the status of the RTI application.

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