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RTI Anonymous is an online service, through which, any Indian citizen can File Right to Information (RTI) Applications Anonymously. They DO NOT HAVE TO REVEAL THEIR IDENTITY.A person can request this website to file a RTI application and the response for the RTI would be updated on their web-site
The RTI process does not allow the applicant to file the application anonymously, but it is possible to ask someone else to file the RTI for your behalf.
An anonymous RTI is one where your name, address & other parts of your identity remain unknown to the PIO.

"CIC Shailesh Gandhi's comment on RTI Anonymous"

"Such initiatives will ultimately strengthen the RTI movement. The only challenge is that information officers are unlikely to reveal sensitive information at the first go and your group would need to pursue matters diligently."

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How It Works

Fill Details for RTI

Fill Details for RTI

Click Apply Now And Fill Out Your RTI Details. The Whole Process Takes Less Than 5 Minutes And Costs Less Than A Cup Of Coffee!

We Do The RTI Paperwork

We Do The RTI Paperwork

Our team of lawyers will convert your Application into an Online RTI Application and send it to you for your approval.

We Send RTI Request

We Send RTI Request

After Your Approval, Our Logistics Team Will Send Your RTI Application Via Registered Post To Concern RTI Department Directly.

Sit Back And Relax

Sit Back And Relax

concern Department Will Respond Directly To You Within 35 Days / సంబంధిత డిపార్ట్‌మెంట్ 35 రోజులలోపు మీకు నేరుగా ప్రతిస్పందిస్తుంది

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