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FIR Status

Have you reported a case to the police and haven't heard anything?
FIR is a civic document and a certified copy of which is provided to the appellant. But, in most cases a copy of the FIR recorded almost immediately after the complaint, is given to the aggrieved. With the in-flow of illegal offenses, police officers are kept busy and they do not persuade appellant coming in all the time to identify the status of their filed FIR Online Status . However, RTI application is the instrument for getting the Online FIR Status, which can be filed after few months of the offense. This can be filed to be clued-up about the inquiry carried out by the police and assists in knowing whether the police are on the exact track with the inquiry, make them answerable for any delay in the investigation. This means the aspirant can be pleased upon his or her participation in the case. All you require to have to file an RTI Application for FIR Online Status are:

  • The district under which it falls.
  • Date
  • FIR number
  • Name of the police station

For instance a case of theft, an RTI Application can really help the pained person probably get back a few of her valuables if the timely investigation is successful to any extent. RTI guru is able to assist you to follow the status of your First Investigation Report as well as shove the case onward, and without having to return to the police station.

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We Do The RTI Paperwork

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